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SchoolMessenger Opt-In


Trouble Shooting

Some carriers* block SMS messages, so users do not receive spam messages.  Due to this restraint, parents/guardians who cannot complete the opt-in and wish to receive SchoolMessenger texts will need to contact their carrier and request that the short code 675-87 be allowed.  After the carrier unblocks the short code (may take up to 24 hours to take effect), users will need to opt-in to receive messages.  To opt-in, users will text “yes” to the short code, 675-87.  Users will receive an automatic reply confirming they are registered to receive SchoolMessenger notifications.

*T-Mobile, Sprint and some Verizon users have experienced issues receiving SchoolMessenger notifications.  

Please contact Tina Brant at tbrant@knr8.net for any questions or concerns.