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Bus Safety

Dear Parents and Students,                                                                                                                                         

Welcome to the Knob Noster School District Transportation System for 2017-18.  In order to make this year even safer, we request parents to cover this information with your student.  Your student’s safety is paramount in our effort to transport children to and from school.  We hope this effort helps all of us to have a safer school year.

More students are killed while loading on or off a school bus each year than passengers inside of a school bus.   As the figure shows, The Danger Zones, you can see numerous areas around the bus that have to be and are monitored by your driver.  Students should, and with your help, be made aware of these areas and other concerns as they get on and off the bus. 

As you can see, the most dangerous areas are basically 10 feet around the bus.   As a bus approaches your stop, we request that the student stand back even further away from where the bus normally stops.  This request is important because on inclement days, the dangers increase, and this extra distance will give the driver some room to maneuver, if needed.  

The walking area is exactly for walking.  Do not have your student run up to the bus or off the bus. The student should wait until the driver instructs them to load or unload the bus.  If children have to walk across the front of the bus, they should walk out about 10-15 feet, look both ways, and then look at the driver and wait until the driver instructs the students to cross. This policy is to ensure traffic has stopped.   No students should cross at the back of the bus.   Distance is important to student safety.    If the student does not comply, then the driver will have to stop further away from the student, and this distance could produce an even more dangerous situation. 

There are special dangers around a bus that requires your driver to pay close attention to students getting on and off the bus.  The driver knowing the stop, how many students usually get on or off and ensuring they are far enough away from the bus upon arrival/departure are some aspects.  Students dropping or forgetting objects either on/off the bus are closely watched.  Objects have a tendency to drop and distract the student.  Please instruct your student to tell the driver what is the problem, so the driver can assess and correct the problem.  Children getting under the bus to retrieve fallen object is a most dangerous situation.  Other potential problems are purses, backpacks, bags, clothing and even parts of bodies getting hung up on the handrails.  Have your student pay particular attention as he/she enters and departs the bus for these concerns. 

Your driver will make every effort to ensure your student’s safety in all these situations, but your assistance is also very important.  Occasionally reviewing these points is encouraged.   Of course, the main and perhaps most important concern is that your student be instructed to listen, without doubt, to your bus driver.  Although the bus is an extension of the school for rules and discipline, this portion of the school district is traveling at 65 miles per hour.  Your driver dedication to the safe transportation of your children is our and their major concern.   Our drivers accept and execute these responsibilities as if they are transporting their own children or grandchildren.  

Thank You for taking the time with your student and working with us and your individual driver to make this year a safe year for everyone. 

Dr. Jerrod Wheeler 
Knob Noster R-VIII School District
(660) 563-3186