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Emergency Preparedness Tips for Parents
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Emergency Preparedness Tips for Parents


1.  Please make sure your contact information (home and cell phone numbers) are up-to-date in our Student Information System.  You can change that information through Parent Link.  Once you’ve logged in, go to Family Data or you can contact your school secretary. 

2.  Please make sure the emergency contacts on file for your student are up-to-date and we would suggest that those emergency contacts be local so that they can respond and pick up your student if necessary.  Older siblings that drive may be listed as emergency contacts.

3.  We will use SchoolMessenger and the district website to communicate with parents during a crisis.

      a.  Parents of students must opt in to receive text alerts from SchoolMessenger.

4.  In some cases, we may need to evacuate the school.  Evacuation sites have been established, near each school building.  We will inform you the time and place to pick up your child through district communication channels.

5.  During the reunification at the evacuation site, parents will be asked to remain in their cars and proceed through the line.  Only parents or those listed as emergency contacts will be allowed to pick up a student.  All parents and emergency contacts will be required to provide identification when signing-out a student.

6.  In an emergency, we ask that parents do not come to or call the school.  It is important to keep the streets, parking area, and phone lines open for emergency responders and communication.  We will provide information to parents through the district communication channels (see #3 above).

7.  If your child has a medical condition, please make sure to have two sets of necessary items (medication/testers/etc) available (one with you or at home) in case we cannot re-enter the school to retrieve it.

8.  During a lockdown at school, no one will be permitted to enter or leave the building with the exception of district personnel, law enforcement, and first responders.  Once it has been determined that the threat has passed (all-clear), the school will resume normal procedures.  This also applies to weather-related lockdowns.